Guidelines for the Submission Form

Type SUBMISSION FORM (bold, all capital letters, centered) on the first line and Journal of Case Research and Inquiry (bold, italicized, centered) on the second line, followed by a blank line.

1. Title: Type the title of the case (in bold font, all capital letters), followed by a blank line.

2. Date: Type Date First Submission: followed by the name of the month, and number of the day and year. (For revised and re-submitted manuscripts, always provide the date of first submission as well as the date of the revision.)

3: Type of Manuscript: Indicate one of the following types of manuscript submissions: Case and IM or Note or Article.

4. Authors, Affiliations, and email addresses: Provide the name, affiliation, and email address of each author (centered). Please do not indicate job titles, degrees, or designations such as Ph.D., etc.

5. Contact person: Name, Affiliation, Address, telephone number, and email address of the contact person.

6. Research method: Type primary research, secondary research, or Combination primary and secondary research.

7. Conference presentation: If the case has been presented at a conference, indicate the name, year, and location of the conference (e.g., NACRA 2010, Gaithersburg, TN).

8. Functional area(s): Indicate the functional area that is most appropriate to the content of the manuscript (e.g., Business strategy, Marketing, Nonprofit Management, Social Entrepreneurship, etc.)

9. Industry: Indicate the industry(ies) or sector(s) of activity of the organization(s) in the manuscript (e.g., Oil, Automotive, Philanthropy, etc.). If no specific sector of activity applies, type N.A.

10. Location(s): Indicate the location(s) of the activity of the organization(s) in the manuscript (e.g., USA, France, Central America). If no specific location applies, type N.A.

11. Certification Statement: Provide the certification statement with your signature and the date. (Electronic signatures or typed names are acceptable, although a signature may be requested prior to publication.)

Certification Statement: In submitting this case for the Journal of Case Research and Inquiry (JCRI), the author(s) certifies (certify) that it is original work, based on research of real events in a real organization. It has not been published previously (excluding conference proceedings). Copyright holders have given written permission for the use of any material not permitted by the "Fair Use Doctrine." For cases based on primary research, the author(s) have obtained from the organization described in the case a release authorizing the publication of information included in the case synopsis. I (we) understand that the case may be published in the Journal of Case Research and Inquiry and made available at no cost on the JCRI and/or Western Casewriters Association website. Date: Signature:

12. Author(s) biographical sketch(es) and photo(s): If the manuscript is accepted by the Journal of Case Research and Inquiry, the journal will request a short biographical sketch (not to exceed 100 words per author) and a portrait photograph of the author(s). Provision of this information and/or photo is optional.

13. Save the file with an appropriate name: Save the file with a name that indicates the short title, type of manuscript (SF, CASE, NOTE, or ART), and date using underscores (but no spaces). For example, when submitting the submission form and case synopsis or abstract, save the file as Title_SF_2Nov2011.doc (or .docx). When submitting a document containing a case and IM, save the file as Title_CASE_7Nov2011.docx. When submitting a note, save the file as Title_NOTE_15Dec2011.docx. When submitting an article, please save as Title_ART_21Jan2012.doc.