JCRI Journal

Journal of Case Research and Inquiry (JCRI), the peer reviewed online publication of the Western Casewriters Association (WCA).  The journal publishes (1) TEACHING CASE STUDIES in business and public administration, nonprofit management, and social entrepreneurship;  (2) NOTES - industry or theoretical analyses to accompany cases; and (3) ARTICLES on case research and teaching with cases.

JCRI will publish cases, notes, and articles online, so that they will be available full-text and free of charge to educators and students.  Educators are encouraged to place in their syllabi links to JCRI cases, notes, and articles.

Authors should review the JCRI submission guidelines, and may contact the editor, Steve McGuire, at editor@jcri.org .  For information on the Western Casewriters Association, please visit our website at www.westerncasewriters.org

WCA - Western Casewriters Association

The Western Casewriters Association (WCA) is the Western regional association of business casewriters, affiliated with both the North American Case Research Association (NACRA) and the Western Academy of Management (WAM). WCA's purpose is to train, develop and support case writing for research and pedagogical purposes. WCA organizes an annual conference for experienced and new case-writers and academics using cases for class room teaching. The conference is held n association with the annual meeting of the Western Academy of Management. WCA also publishes the Journal of Case Research and Inquiry (JCRI).

For more information about WCA and the annual conference, including the proceedings and award-winning cases of previous years, please visit www.westerncasewriters.org

On the WCA website, you will also find a call for cases for the WCA conference.